What is called drying and dehumidification process?

Let’s see what is called drying and dehumidification process, to understand that it is the technique where we are forced to use a device that substantially reduces the humidity of the air in a room.

This device to which we refer, is technically speaking called a dehumidifier. Its function is to lower and control the ambient humidity in the rooms; mainly in the summer season.

The operation of this device is to dry and cool the air, after having passed through a condenser, which leads to further reduce the known relative humidity that particularly affects our respiratory tract.

It is highly recommended to dry and dehumidify the internal environments of the house. Even more so when the relative humidity is above the average of 50 – 55 % and that useful information can be told by the local meteorological unit.

To measure the relative humidity in our home, it can be done by using a hygrometer if we happen to have this measuring device as a preventive measure, just as we have a thermometer, hygrometers have a specific function to measure the humidity in the environment.

It is convenient to know the behavior of relative humidity. Especially if we have the certainty of suffering from some kind of allergy, as well as respiratory problems, asthma, and even bone diseases among other pathologies.

Why is it good to perform the drying and dehumidification process?

It is convenient to carry out a drying and dehumidification process, which is obviously extremely good and useful when any of the members of the family group is affected by asthma or other respiratory problems that prevent a peaceful sleep.

Respiratory discomfort seriously affects the little ones, who, as they cannot speak, make their parents desperate with unbearable nights and crying because they are coughing and cannot breathe in air easily.

Activating the dehumidifier starts the process that allows a quantity of air to pass through an evaporator that is at a lower temperature below the well-known dew point.

When the device is running, any moisture in the room condenses and gradually drips into a drain or reservoir. After the air is dried and cooled, it is sent to the condenser to complete its function.

This process is similar to what happens with air conditioners, the condenser recovers the ambient temperature, continuously decreasing the presence of relative humidity.

The relative humidity allows the environment to have a humid sensation in different aspects, such as when you go to get dressed and it seems that your clothes are relatively humid and have an unpleasant odor.

For the above mentioned, it is good to keep the environments dry and dehumidified. This will prevent the proliferation of annoying respiratory difficulties.

When should a drying and dehumidification process be carried out in the house?

This drying and dehumidification process should be done as soon as the rainy season begins, which regularly presents high levels of relative humidity in the environment that surrounds us.

If we call the weather station located in the area, it is easy to know the state of the weather and in this way we will obtain accurate data on the percentage of relative humidity in the environment, every day.

With this information in hand, we will know if we should use dehumidifiers to keep the rooms clear of the annoying humidity that affects our breathing and in fact causes a lot of damage to the family group.

In the past, the process of dehumidifying rooms consisted of keeping the windows open so that the warm circulating air would keep the interior rooms of homes or workplaces dry.

This method can be used where the climate is dry and favorable most of the year. Otherwise, it is best to contact Los Restorations, your trusted company, online.

In addition, this company has highly qualified and prepared personnel, to perform any type of dehumidification that you wish to carry out to your house, to maintain environments without relative humidity and dryness.

If what you want to do is a drying and dehumidification work inside the common areas of your house and in the sanitary rooms, we recommend selecting people knowledgeable in the trade and experts in the field.

Advantages of a drying and dehumidification process in your home

The good thing about performing a drying and dehumidification process is that your children will not suffer from respiratory ailments due to excess humidity in your home.

Similarly, humidity affects older adults who suffer from a rheumatic disease called arthritis, which is alarmingly exacerbated in the knuckles of the fingers, due to the presence of humidity over 50%.

If there is too much moisture, even pets suffer, and you can see it in dogs curled up, cats sleeping curled up in a corner, and even songbirds stifling their song.

But when you keep your home completely dry and dehumidified, you get many benefits for their well-being.

If you keep your home with these conditions, you are avoiding the growth of mites and fungi, since the relative humidity level below 50% does not allow the growth of these microorganisms that can affect your health. Therefore, request professional advice from Loss Restorations now to help you with your moisture problem.

Who to go online?

We advise people specialized in the field of the works related to the drying and dehumidification of houses, there must be a considerable amount of companies linked to this type of activities in the city where you live.

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