Different fire damage to homes What to do?

Now you will discover in the best way what to do after the damage caused by fires in stores and houses? The damage caused by fire is tremendous, since in a few minutes it can produce very strong effects. Not only are the consequences related to material damage, sometimes the smoke caused by the flames also affects the health of individuals.

Firefighters work hard to suffocate the flames with water, and this can also cause some damage. There is a possibility that other property located in homes and businesses may be affected.

When these types of events occur in businesses and homes, there are several damages that can be caused by fires. It is a very difficult situation, to see that many important things are lost in an instant and that something cannot be done immediately. It is important that each individual values their health and safety by preventing these things.

What to do after a fire in homes and businesses?

During fires, two different situations can occur, the first is that you have been able to leave the business or home, and the second is that you have not been present. After the firefighters and police officers must first evaluate the health of the family or business group. Remember that damages do not always appear immediately, but may appear later.

After such unfortunate events as these, it is that the firefighters or the police, who have attended you, indicate whether it is allowed to enter the business or home, as they make an inspection on the damage caused by the fire.

After the fire, it is essential to evaluate the damage and indicate the possible causes and the time in which it will be possible to return to the facilities to continue as normal.

Verify the extent of the damage and what process is needed to make the necessary repairs. In general, homeowners and business owners have contracts with insurance companies, which must pay for material losses. .

Fires in homes and businesses do not start by themselves. That is why it is necessary that the persons in charge investigate everything related to the causes that originated such situation.

What should be taken into account to repair the damage after the fire?

When we find ourselves in the presence of a fire, the first thing to do is to notify the insurance company. It is also necessary to contact the companies in charge of cleaning and restoration of your home and business. You should check what kind of repairs should be made, ranging from covering holes to painting the walls, and everything that has been affected.

A descriptive inventory should be made related to the damage caused, repair cost and price of materials. In addition, a photographic report and video of the place where the fire occurred should be taken with the idea of restoring everything in the best way possible.

The contracted company must pass a list of the amount of damages to the affected persons. Perhaps it is a long and tedious procedure, but it is necessary to recover the goods of the house or the commerce that have been affected by the flames.

Recovery in the first days after the fire

After suffering a fire, there are essential things that must be done, but are not taken as a priority. All valuable documents and records must be replaced.

Very important papers may suffer loss or deterioration after the fire it is possible to lose documents such as: Driver’s license, automobile registration, property titles, insurance policies, passports, birth, death and marriage certificates.

Also credit cards, wills, warranties, tax returns, citizenship documents, merchandise invoices, work personnel documents, and many other important documents or photographs.

It is important to make the proper decontamination of the property in relation to smoke, dust and smut. For this purpose, companies specialized in restoration can be hired, which have qualified personnel for this type of task.

It is important to protect your property

You must be patient during the restoration process that may take some time and it is recommended to protect the affected house or business, if the doors, windows and ceilings were damaged you should place some boards to cover them. It is essential to contact the gas and water service, to verify that everything is closed and without possible leaks.

A specialized electrician should be contacted to check everything related to this service so that it can be reconnected in due time.

Family and worker safety

It is assumed that the house will be uninhabitable, so the family’s safety must be taken care of as soon as possible. It is suggested to contact close friends or relatives, who can offer them a place to stay while everything returns to normal.

On the other hand, insurance companies may offer this additional service to protect the family.

Also consult with those companies that offer catering services, if they have in their product catalog this possibility of locating the affected persons in case the insurance company pays for this type of service or if the owners want to pay for it on their own.

Businesses, the area in charge of having a fire plan such as the well-known fire emergency plans that are specifically adapted to the business. At the same time, to have carried out a drill as preventive measures of what to do in these cases.

It is also the responsibility of the person in charge to take those affected to medical attention and notify their families about their state of health in order to take the necessary corrective measures.

Regardless of whether the fire occurred in a house or in a business, the respective investigation must be done to rule out all possible causes. In some cases they are caused by an unintentionally extinguished cigarette butt or by ill-intentioned people.

Those in charge of this type of investigations are the fire chief’s office and the police. Verify with these public institutions everything related to this, in order not to make any movement or alteration of evidence of a possible intentional damage.

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