Repair walls and floors in bathrooms due to humidity

Everyone should be aware of the steps to repair walls and floors in bathrooms due to humidity, if you do not have the slightest notion of what to do, the remedy can be worse than the disease.

We make this comment based on experiences that have occurred in some homes, where flood damage due to having broken an important pipe that feeds the sink, broken by negligence.

If we want to repair floors and walls in bathrooms, the first thing that must be located is where the faucet is located, then all decorative items must be separated from the deteriorated walls to work cleanly.

Then proceed to seal the drains and grids to avoid blockages with the material that accumulates as debris, while breaking some walls, floors, tiles and porcelain, not to mention the cement and granite or ceramic chips.

It is necessary to be very careful when making joints in the pipes inside the walls to avoid leaks. Nowadays PVC connections are used, which are glued together, but they eventually fail.

How to repair floors and walls in bathrooms damaged by moisture?

First of all, you must identify and pinpoint exactly where the moisture is occurring as there are several factors to take into account when making repairs:

  1. The showers frequently present humidity because the faucets have a small rubber at the end of the plunger, which due to the excessive use break or deteriorate; they must be changed to avoid water leaks.
  2. The stopcocks that supply water to the toilet tank also leak due to broken seals. Changing the seals is a very fun and easy DIY job.
  3. Much attention should be paid to the sink drain, which for one reason or another deteriorates with use and the passage of time. Buying the kit at the hardware store it is very easy to change it with the proper tools.

These are small repairs that can be done by any handy person with a few tools.

Once all the leaks and water leaks are repaired, go to different stores specialized in the sale of porcelain tiles and ceramics for walls and floors to choose the one that best suits your economic interests taking into account the decoration.

We recommend that you contact a good mason so that the restoration materials are well placed with enough slope for the water to run into the drain and avoid flooding other areas.

Repairing Persistent Leaks in Bathrooms

Many buildings have persistent leaks in the bathrooms, especially if the house is of the single-family type, which are usually flush with the ground.

There is a type of seepage that occurs from the bottom up, bringing many inconveniences to the owners of houses built flush with the ground because they are problems originated during their construction.

Many times builders do not take into account the possible water pockets underneath the constructions. They also do not consider the eventual watercourses; which will inevitably cause infiltrations on the sides.

As for the lateral infiltrations, these cause many sensations, unpleasant as well, such as chills, wet clothes, damaged suits, incomparable quantity of mold and surely the appearance of colds and flus that will cause discomfort and expense of money in medicines.

Rising dampness weakens the foundations and walls of single-family houses, bringing the consequent problem of mold accumulation, and the consequent chipping of the paint on walls, doors and windows.

There may also be some collateral problems that these humidification provoke in the members of the family, which are limited to the progressive deterioration of furniture and household goods, with the consequent loss of material value.

Different types of dampness in bathrooms

We already know that bathrooms are highly affected by the condensation of steam produced by hot water, which evidently shows the presence of a serious moisture problem in that enclosed space.

This problem also harms the window area of those spaces, since they bring excessive concentration of moisture that produces the formation of a large number of fungi and molds that can be harmful to the health of the people who live there.

The great danger of molds and fungi

When there is excess moisture in bathrooms, it means the certain appearance of microorganisms known as fungi. Due to their tiny size they can be absorbed by the respiratory tract.

This can cause severe respiratory affections in the organism such as: Asthma and different allergic reactions that merit the intervention of a professional and of course the use of bronchodilators to decongest the respiratory tract of the affected person.

Specialized laboratories and scientific societies have not found an effective formula to eradicate the root of the problem by chemically eliminating fungi, mold and spores.

To solve this serious health problem, it has been proven that the only and simple way is to definitively eliminate the source of humidity that makes its appearance recurrent and inevitable.

Fungi and molds must be prevented at all costs from spreading consecutively throughout your home. This is accomplished by eliminating moisture problems in all areas of the home once and for all and forever.

If you go to visit a house and find those walls with greenish, black or brown stains, it immediately comes to mind that there is a problem of neglect and sloppiness because even the unpleasant odor predominates in the environment.

The leaks occur in the roofs of the bathrooms of houses that have waterproofing problems on the slab roofs, which will inevitably produce alarming leaks in the bathrooms.

A situation like this is easily solved by calling a Loss Restorations in the matter to eliminate the damaged or deteriorated asphalt mantle that originates the filtration, and waterproof everything with new asphalt mantle.

If the respective precautions are taken, you will live comfortably in your house or apartment free of leaks and with the total absence of fungi and molds that can certainly cause health problems to you and the rest of the family.

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