Moisture and the damage it causes in your home

Moisture and the damage it causes in your home can be repaired. So pay close attention. Given that the problem of humidity is one of the main enemies of all those people who are always looking for the best care of their home. Your home speaks a lot about you, as well as about the people who live in it.

That is why we want to tell you about the possible damages caused in your home due to humidity in case you have ever suffered because of them or so that you can avoid them and continue having a comfortable home.

We must know for sure, what is the concept of humidity, also called water vapor. It is literally the same thing, the water present in any body of any material that can be filled with this or also the steam found in the different atmospheres that due to a process called condensation, can permeate the environments of the rooms.

When the problem of this type is not treated correctly, it could lead to quite serious and even irreversible damage, in which nothing could be done to repair it. With this in mind, today you will learn the best way to treat the damage caused in your home by moisture by seeking professional help.

How to treat moisture damage in your home?

Knowing beforehand what moisture is and that if it is not treated as it should be can be quite a complicated problem, then we are going to present the solution to treat damage caused in your home because of it, so do not worry.

Now we are going to present you some of the most used solutions for this type of problems so that you do not have any inconvenience when it comes to solve them in the best way and with people trained for these cases.

But we also recommend you contact Loss Restorations services to be sure that everything will be repaired as it should be.

First of all, we want to let you know the possible solutions for the damages caused in your home due to humidity, it is necessary for you to know that humidity can occur in 3 ways, which are the following:

Moisture for Condensation

It happens when water vapor condenses and remains in the environment and even on the walls of a room. This causes fungus and stains that usually produce bad odors and are also difficult to remove with traditional methods.

Moisture for Leaks

They occur when there are external inputs such as water rain, as well as usually sneak through the walls below ground level, by breaks or cracks in pipes or also occurs by some external source of water.

Moisture for Capillarity

The phenomenon of capillarity occurs when water is absorbed and retained due to buildings that have been constructed on natural surfaces. When rising damp occurs, the water gradually deteriorates not only the paint on the building, but also the building itself, as the water gradually rises through the foundations. If this problem is not treated correctly, it can cause irreparable damage to the structure of a building.

Eliminating condensation humidity

Let’s take a look at some practical tips for eliminating moisture from condensation:

Use of Dehumidifiers

The use of dehumidifiers is a widely used tool when condensation moisture is present. These devices have been specially built to absorb the water vapor that has condensed in the environment of the room with the problem. They are used in environments that have a large amount of natural humidity or in areas that are humid for reasons that can be corrected.

Room Ventilation

Another tool widely used in terms of condensation humidity is the ventilation of rooms. If rooms are ventilated on a daily basis, it is much more likely that condensed moisture will be significantly reduced.

Also open windows and doors to let sunlight in, if it is an open place. If it is a closed or unventilated place, it is advisable to use extractors to absorb the humidity and bad odors that it usually generates.

Normally these bad smells are generated due to excess vaporization in areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. So it is highly recommended that the ventilation in these places is done correctly and quite regularly.

Eliminate moisture seepage

Detect and repair the cause of the leakage

First of all, if you are suffering from a case of dampness due to seepage, you need to look for and detect the cause of the seepage. For this there are a lot of equipment used, such as those that detect leaks in the pipes, due to the vibration that is produced by the water that makes its way inside them.

On the other hand there are homemade “detectors”, an example is the aluminum foil, consists of placing adhesive tape on a piece of aluminum foil of regular size and then place it in the place of the leak. Then you leave it for a couple of hours and when you check it, you will be able to notice if the water is between the affected area and the aluminum foil.

This means that the leak is external or if it is on the visible part of the aluminum foil, it means that the leak is internal.

If you are able to verify the cause of the leak, the best thing to do is to make repairs so that you can prevent further deterioration of the problem space.

If a repair is not possible, you can use the incubation system, which by means of certain tools, allows the water that leaks to stagnate, and thus avoid further damage to the construction.

Eliminate rising damp

Use resin-based emulsion injections

When this type of injections, which have a great function, are going to be made, a type of barrier is formed that allows the water not to ascend through the materials with which the wall has been built, this requires specialized labor and qualified personnel.

For this reason, it is best to look to Loss Restorations so that you have the best service to repair your home.

Using an electro-osmosis tool

These electro-osmosis tools prevent water from continuing to rise due to capillarity in the walls, by means of physicochemical processes. This type of tools should also be installed by professionals, so that they are used properly and work to their full capacity.

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