How avoid moisture affect the kitchen areas?

Let’s see now, how avoid moisture affect the kitchen areas. Since the kitchen is one of people’s favorite places, it is more than just a space for cooking. It is a place where families, friends and couples gather to prepare food. Besides being part of the famous tea or coffee time, where alone or in the company of loved ones we leave the routine and stress of everyday life to share pleasant moments.

In this place, conversations and many ideas flow. Besides being the main place where we prepare those exquisite recipes when we want to pamper or spoil ourselves. In a few words, this space is not only the place where the stove is located, but also a place for gatherings and discussions.

When cooking food, water vapor is generated, increasing humidity and, logically, vapors are constantly produced. In other words, the kitchen is a place where we will get high levels of humidity and condensation. As a consequence, it becomes a place very prone to the proliferation of fungi and mold.

In addition to this, the kitchen room has a dishwasher or sink where excess water, when the faucet is turned on, increases the humidity in the environment. Black spots or mildew tend to form around them, which are also quite unpleasant.

Household appliances can also be affected by excess humidity. They can rust and corrode because of their metal components. We find then, that the black spots or mold that appear, will affect the aesthetic and harmonious part of the kitchen. But they can also affect the health of the people who handle these appliances.

Step to avoid moisture in kitchen areas

It is for these reasons that we want to help you to keep the kitchen room as a pleasant place where you share with your loved ones. We will guide you to avoid the appearance of those mold stains that besides being unpleasant can become harmful to your health and that of your loved ones. And if our advice arrives late, and those stains have already appeared in your kitchen, eliminate them, do not worry, and follow our advice.

In any case, the best thing to do is to seek professional help from Loss Restorations. Since they are specialists in removing any type of mold stains that can be generated in any space of your residence or workplace.

How to avoid moisture and mold growth in the kitchen?

One of the most prone places for the proliferation of fungi and mold due to the excess of humidity is the kitchen area. An extractor hood would be the best solution; however, many times when we select this type of appliance, we give more importance to aesthetics than to its effectiveness.

We also ignore the capacity of the same to exercise its extractor function, and sometimes they are often not suitable for their specific use, but we combine with the style of decoration. Sometimes for carelessness, or to avoid the noise that the extractor hoods produce, we prefer not to turn them on.

Maintenance, cleaning and changing the filters of the hoods, which tend to fill with grease and therefore lower their performance, is something that should not be overlooked. Given this reality, we must take into account these details when selecting an extractor hood for the kitchen, giving priority to its functionality over appearance.

Even if we do not like its aesthetics, we must give priority to the hood to work properly, that the noise it produces when we turn it on, is not so loud to turn it on every time we cook and that they are easy to clean and without so many twists and turns.

To avoid humidity and the process of condensation in the kitchen, we can resort to an economic method and that is also quite effective, to ventilate it. Letting the air in when we start cooking and waiting a few minutes after it is finished, turns out to be a very safe act to avoid the formation of mold due to excess moisture in this area.

The sink or dishwasher is also a place where mold often grows. It is important to be clear that it will grow if you leave food or grease residue in it. To avoid the formation of mold, take care to always leave it clean. Sometimes it also happens because of excess water in the surrounding area, so you should leave everything dry, and ventilate all areas.

Water leaks are sometimes in the pipes under the sink and tend to form mold in that area, or also because of the phenomenon of condensation. Try to check them from time to time and you will avoid the formation of black spots and other unpleasant damage.

Do not store wet dishcloths, aprons, pot holders, etc. in the kitchen cabinets, which will not only cause mold and mildew to form on the cabinets, but also on the cabinets themselves. If you don’t have a drying machine, put all your culinary linens out to dry in the sun. For this reason, it is advisable to wait until they are very dry.

The same happens with crockery, jugs, bowls and kitchen utensils, if we keep them wet and badly washed they will be an ideal culture medium for the appearance of fungi and bacteria that will finally end up damaging the appearance of things.

How to remove black mold stains in the kitchen?

If there is mold in your kitchen, we are going to give you some tips on how to remove it below:

If on the walls or corners of the kitchen we see those nasty mold stains, the first thing to avoid is to cover them with paint. The mold will still be there and instead of eliminating it we will provide more moisture where it will continue to grow without problem. In these cases, it is recommended to scrape it with sandpaper, spray any anti-mold product and after drying if we can paint. Anti-humidity or anti-mold paints are recommended so as not to contribute to its proliferation.

In the sinks, it is enough to wash with water and soap to eliminate these spots. It is always recommended to let dry all the surfaces.

The cabinets, we can clean them with homemade solutions to eliminate the presence of mold. Some of these solutions are made by diluting or dissolving vinegar or baking soda in water, depending on the case.

With the dishes or kitchen utensils, it is enough to wash them well to eliminate the fungus and then dry them very well.

Follow step by step each tip to remove moisture from the kitchen of your home

For the kitchen space to remain a pleasant place, where meetings with loved ones are accompanied in a clean and pleasant environment, we just have to follow the tips above. It is enough to keep it ventilated, keep clean and dry those places where mold growth is favorable.

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