The best way to repair damp floors

Now you can repair damp floors with the help of professionals like Loss restorations. But first let’s take a look at the types of moisture damage that affect a property, all of which are time critical. Floors are usually the most affected and their risk can be permanent, if the mold growth is not removed immediately, the floors will continue to absorb moisture and damage the wood or ceramic tile. So learn now the best way to repair floors for moisture for good.

We must know that the origin of moisture in floors is known as rising damp, it can be caused by the type of material the floor is made of. The damages that the humidity produces are directly to the infra structural part.

We can see that the most common evidences are the appearance of water wells, humidity, mold and white spots of salts. In some occasions they are also provoked by filtrations of the walls. In case of condensation on the windows, they produce puddles of water and also cause visible and hidden damage.

Solutions for repairing damp wood floors

Safety is one of the most important aspects when working, either by yourself or by companies that offer this service. It is recommended to use good protective equipment such as gloves, boots and mask and all that is considered necessary.

In case there is a broken pipe, failure of the washing machine or heater, proceed to cut the current preferably of the whole house or business and then repair it. Check what is the damage caused the humidity, to know if it is necessary to clean or replace the floor. Take photographs and list the damage so that the company has this record and knows what will be the procedure to follow.

All furniture, tables, among others, that are in the affected area should be removed to a drier place. By opening the doors and windows, the humidity can evaporate immediately. One option to remove the water is with a vacuum cleaner and a mop or dry rags. A water pump should be used if the water level is deep.

Heaters, fans and dehumidifiers can also be used to speed up drying. Their use is simple, close the windows and place them in a high area of the affected area. In the case of fans, direct them towards the floor.

Then with a soft brush clean the residues with the detergent, at the same time keep the dehumidifiers, heaters and fans on. Then rinse the floor with clean water and at the end continue drying the floor until it is completely free of moisture.

Isolating moisture from the concrete floor

When polyethylene blanket is to be used, it is recommended to use it in complete rolls to avoid humidity due to joints if it is used in pieces. In the opposite case of not having the rolls, it is recommended to use the 20 to 30 cm blankets to ensure the continuity of the insulation and that there are no joints.

Placing nylon on the ground is a good option, as it is highly beneficial in preventing humidity on the floor for a long time.

Repairing dampness on ceramic and granite floors

In cold seasons such as winter, it is common for these types of floors to stay wetter. In addition, if they are in contact with the natural ground, it makes the floors stay colder and wetter.

When the floors are ceramic or granite, the floors are more prone to stay cold and are the ones that suffer from humidity. One way to avoid this is to use a type of coating that does not get cold, such as floating floors. Floating floors are easy to install without glue or screws.

Floating floors fit and rest on firm, straight floors. Their thickness is between 8 and 15 mm, they are made of wood or similar materials to suit all tastes. They can be completely installed in one day without the need for a lot of labor.

Home Solutions to Reduce Floor Moisture

The first thing is to hire a good service that will take care of moisture floor repair. But during this process of contacting this company, you can proceed to use these homemade alternatives. If the floors are wet, the humidity rises, then it is preferable that the windows are not opened if there is a lot of humidity, since the air is saturated and the situation can be aggravated.

Midday and during naps is a good time to ventilate, since there is little humidity. Very hot water is effective for washing the floors, this improves the evaporation of the moisture on the floor, much more if we add a splash of alcohol.

Yes, it is a good option to mix alcohol and water, when the alcohol evaporates, this will make it possible to dry immediately.

Advantages of dehumidifiers to repair damp floors

When it comes to finding the best benefits for home peace of mind, don’t skimp, as long as they are affordable for users. Dehumidifiers are programmed to turn on and off, making an indoor environment less humid and more pleasant for everyone.

Dehumidifiers can reduce mold on walls and indoor humidity. By drying the floors of moisture, you will feel drier air. They are easy to use and even easy to move, as they have wheels and handles for easy portability.

Most importantly, respiratory diseases, constant episodes of allergies and asthma will be kept away from the people who live there.

Avoiding moisture in the floors at the beginning of construction

It is a reality that one of the causes of moisture in the floors is a wet ground that has contact with the house, then, how would this be possible? There are materials such as nylon, film, polyethylene or polyethylene blanket, which are efficient to avoid humidity in the floor, since it is a super light material, thin and economical and easy to handle.

There can be problems if the constructions are erected near lands with high water table that are placed on the natural soil, prior to the making of the subfloor. Any humidity should be avoided, as well as the contact of humid grounds with the construction of houses.

Look for a solution now with Loss Restorations, for all of the above, because it is a company that is dedicated to immediately solve the damage, they are effective in mitigation and restoration.

Restorations uses scientific and non-intrusive drying methods to remove moisture from the building through air motors and dehumidifiers among other solutions.

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