How to protect your home from heavy rains and storms?

Let’s see now how to protect your home from heavy rains and storms is one of the most common meteorological phenomena we get in nature. In other words, it is the precipitation of liquid droplets formed by the condensation of water vapor from the sea, rivers and lakes, which then falls in copious amounts, causing havoc to properties.

It is a natural phenomenon necessary to maintain life on our planet, besides helping to balance the temperature of the environment, among other benefits for mankind. There is no doubt that there are many benefits of rainfall. However, the problem comes when the rains become much heavier and even the formation of storms, which can cause damage to property.

Consequently, they can cause floods, where the lives of both human beings and many animals are exposed, including plants that are swept away by the force of the water.

Strong winds can bring down trees, electric poles and damage house structures. Likewise, lightning can cause fires and cause damage to property and nature.

On the other hand, the damage is not only economic, but also puts at risk the lives of many living beings, including those belonging to both the animal and plant kingdom.

Tips to protect your home from heavy rains and storms

We cannot control natural phenomena, nor can we prepare ourselves to avoid losses that can be regrettable. That is why we want to give you some tips that will help you to be prepared and avoid certain types of damage to your property:

Seek information about the weather

One of the most important factors is the weather. Global warming is one of the aspects that most affect the weather changes that exist today. Every day it increases and therefore weather patterns change and are no longer as predictable. However, science and technological advances have allowed the competent agencies to inform the population of the weather forecasts for each day.

It is important that we keep ourselves informed about the weather, especially if we live in areas where tornadoes are common. It should be taken into account that tornadoes sometimes cannot be visible due to the amount of clouds and rain. On the other hand, they cannot always be prevented.

The idea is not to create panic, we just want you to be aware of the possible meteorological changes that may occur and to take the necessary measures when a storm is approaching.

Protect doors and windows

When there are rains and storms, it is important to protect doors and windows from cracks that may occur due to wear and tear or poor sealing. Avoid water filtration is important because we are not creating conditions for the proliferation of fungi that are harmful to health. Likewise, we will prevent them from rusting if they are made of metal, or from rotting if wood predominates in their manufacture.

When we are in the presence of storms that are accompanied by hurricane winds, it is then when it becomes necessary to reinforce the windows and doors with special structures for this. The laminated systems, panels or storm windows are, in general, the most used and recommended to avoid their deterioration.

Inspect the roof, gutters and chimneys

As for the roof of our homes, it is necessary to inspect it during rains and storms. There should be no loose tiles or cracks that allow water to pass through, which in addition to leaks inside the house will lead to mold and mildew. It is advisable to waterproof the roof periodically.

Leaves and other garbage usually accumulate in the gutters and can form clogs inside them or when they reach the pipes. If the garbage blockage occurs inside the gutter, leaks may occur. If, on the other hand, the garbage clogs the pipes, it will prevent the natural flow of water and may cause flooding in the area and this situation will affect the construction.

If we talk about chimneys, it is important to make sure that they are clean and safe to use. Many times with storms the electrical system is down, and they can be used as a source of heat to maintain comfort in the environment.

Electrical systems in good condition

It should be verified that the electrical system is in perfect conditions. Sometimes we do not realize that they are exposed to the elements, which can cause short circuits as a result of heavy rains.

Similarly, electronic devices should be kept unplugged in order to avoid possible short circuits that could cause much greater damage. In the event of flooding, avoid going near the fuse box and make sure that there is no power supply.

Don’t forget to trim trees

Storms are sometimes accompanied by very strong and even hurricane-force winds, which are capable of knocking down branches and trees. If lightning strikes and the winds are very strong, they can leave our homes and even the entire area without electricity. Likewise, if the trees that are blown down are very large, they can destroy cars and houses when lightning strikes.

It is also advisable to prune trees that are very dense or leafy so that their branches do not cause accidents. Make sure that large trees are stable, that is to say, that their roots are healthy to keep them firm and that in the case of strong winds they are not blown down.

Install lightning rods

Generally, rains and storms are accompanied by lightning, which can cause fires if they fall close to our homes. Installing lightning rods is a good option to be forewarned of this meteorological phenomenon and many times they are unpredictable to avoid great damages.

It is forbidden to leave objects outside the house

If there is a situation in which the winds are very strong and are able to move and even lift furniture and objects that you leave outside the house, you must avoid that these hit the house or cause accidents of another type, it is advisable to keep them while the storm pase.

Follow each tip step by step and protect your home from heavy rains and storms

With the above mentioned, we should not be nervous about the consequences of heavy rains and storms, but it is true that the best way to avoid damage to our homes is to be forewarned.

We must follow each one of these tips and invite our neighbors to follow them, so that the whole community is protected and losses that are much more regrettable do not occur. That is why Loss Restorations qualified personnel works hard every day of the year to help you in any of the possible damages that may occur during heavy rains and storms and that may cause damage to properties.

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